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Energy Healing

Most people who are searching for healing answers have heard of Energy Work or Energy Healing. But what does that actually mean?


Energy Healing encompasses a number of philosophies and modalities such as herbalism, various forms of massage and body work, Ayurvedic and Oriental medical traditions, Reiki and its predecessors, the ancient practice of Shamanism, and various forms of intuitive energy healing using a number of tools such as crystals, pendulums, various sound devices, or even just the laying on of hands. Energy Healing is as old as the human race. Until a few hundred years ago, it was all we had. The modern medical system is very new by comparison. 


In some cases even our modern technical care system can be considered energetic, largely because a good physician genuinely cares and that caring energy is transferred to the patient, and that helps the healing process.


Most practitioners who call themselves energy workers have more than one tool in their tool belt because those who are seeking help do not come ‘one-size-fits-all’. Everyone is different. The underlying cause of their dis-ease will be different (the domains of emotions, mind, and body), so their needs are different and what they will respond to will be different.


What those who are in a state of dis-ease are seeking is a way to feel better and to get better.


Even medical doctors have many tools in their toolkit – for the same reasons. And modern medicine typically offers a process of realizing results that take time and work on the part of the physician, the medical machine, and the patient.


Getting better using energy healing techniques takes time and work on the parts of both the practitioner and the client. The difference is that using energy as the main healing modality is wholistic and generally non-invasive. It treats the body as a whole being and so when healing takes place, it is usually a healing of the whole person and not just the bit that wasn’t working properly.


Additionally, wholistic energy healing can be, and often is, used as a adjunct and support to the efforts of modern medicine which can be quite toxic in the body. Very seldom do we see the reverse! And because of the way energy works, it is successfully used in paliative care to help ease the passing of souls who are going home. 


Energy work involves the transfer and direction of Universal Life Force Energy to help clear, strengthen, and balance the energy field, the qi (chi), of the client's body and its many energy channels to facilitate, support, and speed the healing processes. It works because most dis-ease begins with an energy blockage of some sort. If the energy worker can locate and work through to the blockage with the client and then disrupt the interference, healing can begin.


But understand, a person trained properly to do energy work is not providing their own energy. You are not going to get ‘their stuff’ as part of the package. We are simply a conduit (a hollow bone as we say) for the flow of Universal Life Force Energy – the energy that makes our whole reality and universe tick. The skill is in finding the blockage and directing the energy. It’s the Energy that heals. And the body is always willing to use Energy to heal.


Wellness is our natural state.