Oak and Cedar Healing Arts
About Me

Hello, I would like to personally welcome you to my website and thank you for taking a look at what I have to offer. ​Oak and Cedar Healing Arts is physically located in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.  ​Vancouver Island is a very spiritual place and the natural beauty we live with here, and take for granted sometimes, provides an amazing backdrop for the work I do. 

My name is Linda Swanton. I am the owner of Oak and Cedar Healing Arts.
I am a Karuna Reiki Master from the Usui lineage. I have taken Reiki training from a number of people over the years and they have given me not only knowledge of Reiki but also a strong understanding of how Reiki and healing energy can support our every day life. Knowing and learning from these extraordinary people has been a blessing and an honour.   

I am also a practicing Shaman. Along with training I have received from Cheryl Dawn, a 1st Nations Cree woman and my dear friend Melba, a 1st Nations Shaman, I have taken a number of courses from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies through Gizelle Rhyon-Berry, a working Shaman living on the Sunshine Coast of BC.   

Although I have received much of my Shamanic training in a 1st Nations context, I am strongly drawn to the shamanism of the Celts of Northern Europe. At its roots, Shamanistic practices all over the world seem to have a common understanding of how spirit and energy work, maybe even a common ancestry. They are strongly similar practices with a common goal - to heal.  

The name of my business comes from my understanding of the roots of my personal spirituality and heritage, as well as the homage I pay to the 1st Traditions of the place I call home. My heritage is Celtic (Great Britain and Ireland) and my home is in the traditional lands of theCoast Salish, Nuu-Chah-Nulth, and Kwakwaka'wakw peoples on Vancouver Island.  

The first part of my logo is the symbol for Oak in the Druid tree alphabet, Ogham.    

The second part is half of a Western Red Cedar. The cedar has significant spiritual meaning for 1st Nations people of Canada's West Coast, as well as for traditional Shamanism all over the world it seems.

I put them together to indicate my origins, my influences, and the path I have found in the traditional Shamanistic beliefs found in 1st Cultures around the world.
BC Beauty

I have a deep respect for all cultures, ethnic backgrounds, belief and spiritualities.  

I firmly believe that everyone who crosses my path has a teaching for me to learn. I look forward to meeting with and learning what you have to teach me as I teach you what I have learned.

Symbol for Oak in the Druid tree alphabet, Ogham                                                                     Western Red Cedar                                                       Oak & Cedar